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GD Star Rating 1.7.4

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This is very important release for both new features and for several bugs fixed. I have fixed all reported issues since the previous release along with few bugs I noticed mostly with admin panels rarely used. And yeah, famous exceprt problem is now solved.

Google search results ratings

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Back in may, Google announced the new feature for the search engine, called Rich Snippets. Using microformat or RDF you can add pieces of code that will Google find and use with search results. So, I decided to add support for rich snippets for both reviews and ratings.

New website

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Couple a days ago I started new website under the name res4WP that will be used to collect various WordPress related resources from all over the Internet. All posts will be categories and will have short description with url to the resource.

Exceprt problem finally solved

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Many users of run into the famous excerpt problem when setting plugin to work with some themes and when posts didn’t had excerpt pre-set. And solution was there, but it wasn’t very elegant. And now looks like that this problem will be gone for good.

GD Star Rating 1.7.3

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Here is the GD Star Rating 1.7.3, another maintenance release that includes several bugs fixed including broken query expansions for using ratings to sort posts. Also, plugin is further optimized and uses another 10% less memory then 1.7.2.

Using Config files, part 2

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Few months ago I have published the first part of the using config articles, and some things were changed in these latest version, with one more change coming in the 1.7.3 release. So, before reading this post, you need to read part one.

Using GD Star Rating with cache plugins

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GD Star Rating supports dynamic loading of ratings using AJAX calls from early 1.6.x versions, and from 1.7.0 this support is completed. With this you can use plugin on websites running some cache system or cache plugins like WP Super Cache.

GD Star Rating 1.7.2

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Unfortunately, 1.7.1 was released with several bugs, and two of them were major caused by some changes I added just before releasing the plugin. So, I spend most of the day testing and fixing bugs, and here is the new version with many fixes.

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