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New Dev4Press is now online

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Few hours ago, new Dev4Press website has gone live. Fully redesigned and oriented to premium content that includes plugins (and soon themes) and premium support. So, read this to find out more on what new website will offer and help you in improving your WordPress blogs.

GD Star Rating 1.7.8

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It’s been some time before the last update, and I was very busy with different projects. So, here is 1.7.8, and this will be the last release in 1.7 branch (if no critical bugs are found), and next release will be 1.8.0 just before the end of this year.

New plugin: GD Affiliate Center

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GD Affiliate Center is the new premium plugin for WordPress that will be available on the new Dev4Press website next week. I have set demo website that will showcase plugins features, and will be used to announce upcoming changes and improvements.

GD Star Rating 1.7.7

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I hate when the bug is found only hours after release, and I hate the fact that I missed the obvious problem. But, things like that happen occasionally, and I have already fixed the problem, and the new GD Star Rating 1.7.7 is released.

GD Star Rating 1.7.6

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After two weeks from previous release, here is brand new 1.7.6. I finally managed to make changes to charting code, and replaced (very, very) slow pChart PHP charts with jQuery powered Flot charts. This and more is part of this latest release.

Book: Digging Into WordPress

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Few days ago, a new WordPress book has been released. Book is written by Chris Coyier and Jeff Starr and is available in PDF format, but the print version is expected soon. I have written book review, and you can win the free copy at Dev4Press website.

Interview for

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Few weeks ago, Lars Koudal from, contacted me about doing an interview with me on GD Star Rating, my other plugins and WordPress in general. So, we both finally found time to do that, and today Lars published the interview.

GD Star Rating 1.7.5

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Last week I was very busy with other projects, so for this new release of GD Star Rating, you will get any fixed bugs. There were several bugs reported, and all now fixed. Few issues are still in works, so after I confirm the problems, they will be also fixed.

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