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GD Star Rating 1.8.8

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New GD Star Rating, version 1.8.8 has just been released. This is another minor bug fixing release that takes care of few bugs including ...

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New interface in GDSR 2.0

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I was busy over the weekend with GDSR 2.0, and with database model, I have worked on the new interface. Work on that is ...

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Using Config files, part 2

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Few months ago I have published the first part of the using config articles, and some things were changed in these latest version, with ...


Comments integration #1

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Integrating both post’s standard and multi ratings into comment, so that the post reader can add comment about the topic and assign rating (or review) for that post along with the comment, is very easy. Read for more details.


Beta 1.3.9 Revision 680

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Since we are now very close to 1.4.0 version of the plugin, I decided to release current development version as a Beta. At this point plugin is 100% ready for complete comment integration for implementing review system.


T2 Templates Map

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The number of templates needed for rendering has grown, and at this point all the needed templates are completed. So, I have decided to display interconnection of all the templates and they use. So, this post contains a map of all T2 templates.


GD Star Rating 1.3.4

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And, another new version, this time, mainly a bug fixing release. Several reported bugs are fixed and I have managed to expand few more custom functions with new parameters. Next week you can expect all review features completed in 1.4.0 release.

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Settings Explained Part 5.

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Last few versions of the plugin have introduced many changes, and settings have changed as well. Most important are two fully new features used for setting spider bot’s and stars sizes and sets that will be added to main active rating CSS file.


GD Star Rating 1.3.3

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Another new version is here. This time, not many changes made from the previous version, but nevertheless this changes are very important at this point. You can expect 2-3 new posts in the following day to cover all the new changes.


GD Star Rating 1.3.2

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For the past week I have been working on few more features from the roadmap. And, almost half of it is done by now. Most important new feature is support for integration of the rating blocks (both standard and multi) into comment form.


GD Star Rating 1.3.1

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In last two days I have been reviewing the plugin code and looking for few bugs reported in the last week or so. And I managed to find some more bugs and fix them. Also, I have also started working on the recently announced features.


GD Star Rating 1.3.0

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And, in a short while after previous major version, plugin has reached 1.3.0. Few new tools have been added, many more bugs are fixed and I have made many improvements to the code along with expansions to the t2 templates system.

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