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Using Config files, part 2

Few months ago I have published the first part of the using config articles, and some things were changed in these latest version, with one more change coming in the 1.7.3 release. So, before reading this post, you need to read part one.

Using GD Star Rating with cache plugins

GD Star Rating supports dynamic loading of ratings using AJAX calls from early 1.6.x versions, and from 1.7.0 this support is completed. With this you can use plugin on websites running some cache system or cache plugins like WP Super Cache.

T2: Translate Templates

All default templates are in english, and there are a lot of users that need them translated into own languages. With recent changes in 1.6.4 translating is much easier because reassigning the templates is now done automatically by the plugin.

T2: Explained #2

There were some changes in T2 in the last few versions, and some of the changes are added to make using T2 easier. T2 panel now has 3 tabs. Also, few new options are added to template editor panel. That and more will be explained in this post.

Displaying rating results

Widgets are not the only way to display list with rating/review results. You can add results into post (using shortcode) or anywhere in the theme you want (using function). This is first post to go deeper into this type of rendering. More to come soon.

Using Config files

If you use plugin on standard WordPress installation, and you don’t need advanced access control for the plugin, you can safely skip this tutorial. If your wp-content is moved or you are user of WordPress MU I strongly recommend reading this.


All shortcodes plugin supports are very complicated, and have a lot of settings. It’s not a good idea for anyone to actually remember all that or even need to go through list of all those settings. But as it turns out you don’t need to remember all that.

Add ratings to RSS feed

Even before 1.0.0 version of the plugin was released I have added a feature allowing integration of rating results into RSS feed. But for a long time this only worked with standard rating results. Now, with release of 1.5.6 this is finally expanded.

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