GD Star Rating System

The GD Star Rating System is a WordPress plugin that allows you to include the automated seller rating extension in search results.

This optional annotation can improve click-through rates and conversions as well. All from a simple plugin.

To download and install on your WordPress site, go to the plugin search and search for “GD Rating System” and install as usual.

WordPress Tutorials

There are a lot of WordPress tutorials that show you the basics of how to create a blog but very few that show more advanced tactics. I’m thinking of creating some more advanced tutorials for people.

This would cover things like shopping cart integration, payment processing, etc.

WordPress is a very powerful CMS, with most sites only using a fraction of its power. My intent would be unlock the potential of WordPress by showing you just what (and how) it can be done.

Please let me know if that would be of interest to you, or if you have any favorite sources for these types of tutorials already.